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            PRIVACY POLICY



          Your Privacy is very important  to us, unlike most other competitors we are devoted to your privacy. When you signup for any of our services, we guarantee that ANY information that you share with us will not be used in anyway, other then to respond to your inquiries, process your orders, verify who you are, and send out our monthly network newsletter, if you are a subscriber...PERIOD. We take this very seriously, and never store any personal information on site. If we request information from you, we have you fax it to us, & this is only for new clients who are ordering services from us. We will never contact any clients that you might have with us, and we only respond to either our clients, or our resellers. If you have any questions about this, don't hesitate to contact us by either email, or give us a call.

          Please read this agreement before becoming a highly valued TrafficHits.com Client:
          important to us, and as such, we do not share, distribute contact information, or client information with, or to any company, or person for any reason. In addition, our website does not use "cookies" to collect information from our visitors.

          We do use a IP catcher for clients/members who are placing orders with us. This is done to prevent fraud, id theft, and unauthorized use of your paypal account, and prevent you/us from people who may use your account for placing orders with credit cards that are stolen.

          Please use your correct and valid email address for any of our services. We have had clients who have used our services using either a non working,  or fraud email account, then email us for support using there main email account requesting there username/password. We can only give out information form the email that is signed up with our services, or who have ordered our traffic services.. Under no circumstances will we send out private information to a email address that is not listed with us, so it is important that you use your correct email address when using our services

          If you have any questions or concerns about your privacy, please contact us.

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