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          Check out our exchange services page, and learn how to increase traffic visitors to your site with using our free exchange services. Welcome To The Latest News For TrafficHits.com. Here you will find the latest news about what is new to this site, new sites added to our network, traffic services, exchange services, and traffic products that we are offering. The biggest news we have to report is our new site design. We have just redesigned the site, and we hope that you like it. We have made it easier for you to navigate the site, and to find all the different traffic services that we have to order. We have added more services, automation, and new traffic programs for our clients. We have also added a verification process for all new clients. You can read more about it below, but it has become necessary now a days. We are trying to protect you/us from fraudulent payments!! Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.



          Our new design look for TrafficHits.com 10-01-11 We have redesigned our site look. It was time for a change, we have made it a little larger, and changed the site design to a certain extent. We have made some changes to make it easier for you to navigate the site, and added more automation for certain programs.

          Our new design look for TrafficHits.com 10-01-11 We have added more traffic types to our ordering menu, so that we can better serve our clients, and resellers who have been looking for these type of services.

          We have upgraded the ETS system to include the firefox browser! 9-18-06 ETS system awe have made the ETS compatible with fire fox. Now user's with either IE, or firefox browser can now log into the system. This is just a slight difference in the way it looks, but it still works the same way.

          Check out all the sites in our network! 9-18-06 Our network which supplies some of the traffic you will receive has increased by 100, and we keep growing. We deliver guaranteed traffic visitors a number of ways depending on the traffic type you choose, and the system that you are on. We use our own network, expired redirected domain names, and publishers to help provide that traffic!

          9-18-06 We have added more traffic services that we can offer you which include advertising on our network, and our linking services. Both of these advertising services will help increase visitors to your site, and give you better ranking with the search engines.

          Traffic clients & traffic resellers must be verified by us! 9-18-06 All new clients who are buying our traffic service must now be verified by us before we will process your order, or the traffic product that you have ordered. There has been a rash of fraud and unauthorized of paypal accounts, and we have taken steps to help prevent you/us from anyone using your account without your consent. Our order form will now include your ip address on all orders, and is being tracked by us, and will be displayed on your order. We may even call you up to verify your order, and ask you to fax us a copy of an official doc that includes your present address. This could include a electric bill, water bill, credit card, or other official doc. Of your we don't want your account number or anything like that, but we do require some info be fax to us. Most times we will give you a call to verify the Tel# listed with your paypal account on record. We hate doing this, but this will help you/us from any fraudulent payments being made. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS.
          Clients who have been with us for years, don't have to go through this process, we know them personally, and they have been ordering our traffic services for many years.
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