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          Welcome To Our Traffic Ordering Menu
          ""Warning"" New Clients Must Be Verified


          Check out our exchange services page, and learn how to increase traffic visitors to your site with using our free exchange services. We offer many different types of guaranteed traffic visitors, traffic services, and traffic products which you can order. From raw traffic, to guaranteed highly targeted traffic, to text views, banners, and much, more. At TrafficHits.com We provide many ways for you to increase traffic visitors to your site that will either increase sales to your site, bring up your alexa rating, and increase the popularity of your site in the search engines. We also offer wholesale website traffic for clients to want to become traffic resellers for our guaranteed traffic visitors. We only sell quality website traffic, & you will be able to judge for yourself after your first traffic campaign is finished and see the results from it. We also offer traffic programs that offer you non-stop traffic visitors on a constant monthly basis. You need traffic visitors to succeed online. All traffic orders either start immediately, or within hours depending on the type of traffic you ordered, and if you have been verified by us, or if you are a new client. We want to be your 1st stop for all of your traffic needs. If you have any questions about our traffic, or our services, don't hesitate to contact us, we will be more then glad to answer any questions you may have.

          Check out our exchange services page, and learn how to increase traffic visitors to your site with using our free exchange services. New Client Information: All new clients "MUST" be verified by us before we will process any new client traffic orders. If you are not willing to be a verified by us, then please, don't place an order. We will not process it, and your funds will be returned to you. This is done to help prevent any type of fraud using an unauthorized payment method, or theft identity. If you willing to be verified by us, then you must provide the necessary information requested by us, and go through the process of being verified. This could include a phone call from us, or requesting that you fax us copy of a official doc, or we can send a letter to you that has to be signed at the address listed with your account. We will not process any orders under any circumstances, and your funds will be returned to you. The only exceptions are payments by bank transfer, & by Western Union, all checks, must clear first before your order is processed. We deliver quality traffic, and only want quality clients.!!.
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          Traffic Types:
          We provide many traffic types and only list the ones that are usually the most popular. If you don't see the traffic types you are looking for, doesn't mean we don't provide it. We can provide you with almost anything you can think of. If you want to order a particular traffic type and don't see it listed, just contact us. and we will see what we can do.




          Regular Traffic Ordering With Categories
          Pop, Or Music Is Allowed + Banners!!!

          Order all types of traffic from US, UK, Canada, Australia US/Canada, Europe, & worldwide. Comes with categories, and some sub-categories. You are allowed to either have a pop, or music on landing page. All content must be legal, & meet our standards.
          Banners are also available

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          Highly Targeted Menu: (Without Pops)

          Order just about any type of traffic you can think of from around the world. You pick the country, you pick the category, & even a language if necessary. You set the flow rate, and keep refunding your account. No pops, or music is allowed, & other traffic types are available, like contextual CPC, CPV, all types
          of banners, you pick and choose, very good
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          Mature FTC Restricted Content Ordering: (With & Without Pops, Or Music)

          Order all types of mature FTC restricted content traffic visitors from around the world, or target the US, UK, World Wide, & Europe. Some come with 1 pop allowed. All traffic is delivered by domain names, mature FTC restricted site, & FTC restricted publishers.
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          Hot Specials That Can Save You Money

          We have many traffic specials that you can take advantage of. We always have our hot US run of network traffic running. The more you order, the more you save. Order a million at a time, and we will credit your account. Don't see a special that you are looking for, just contact us & we just might
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          The ETS Traffic Counting Systems:

          We offer a few products that you can either use as an addition to your present site, start a new site, or use for your domain names, or your own network of sites. At present there are 2 different products that will help improve your business. We offer the ETS modified version of the traffic counting system that you can add as a addional page to your site.
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          Traffic Programs:

          Do you need a constant flow of traffic to your site month, after month. Order one of our many traffic programs and keep the flow of traffic visitors coming to your site day in, and day out. We work with you on a one to one basis to get the best program, and results that you want. Need a traffic program that you don't see
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          Special K Traffic Types & Special Orders:

          Order traffic from around the world, if your landing page as both a pop on it, and has music, or video, then this is the traffic type that you are looking for. It may cost a little more, but it may be worth it for you. Have any special requests, don't hesitate to contact us.
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          New Product Is Now Ready.

          Do you need a way to control all the domain names you own? Do you own your own network of sites, and need a quick easy way to control what pops show up on your sites. Dr. Traffic is in the house. We have been using this script for many years.
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