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          TrafficHits.com LLC: We are a independent company site which is part of a network of sites owned and operated by the URL Corp. They have been doing business on the internet since 1996. The URL Corp, has been involved in the traffic business in one way, or another since then. One of our goals is to provide traffic sites, traffic resellers, developers, and hosting companies with all types of traffic services to aid them in their goal to improve there online business, and provide them with traffic services for their clients. We want to show you a way that we can increase traffic visitors to your website, and your clients websites. We have been a leader in the traffic industry for many years.!!? We started our very first traffic site back in April of 1999, and we keep adding more sites, and domains to our growing network to better serve our clients. If your looking for a reliable company with great support, then look no further.!! Check us out, we have been around for a very long time, and don't plan on going anywhere, anytime soon. If you have any questions about our services, don't hesitate to contact us, and we will do our very best to get them answered for you.

          We were formed to provide a revolutionary service to webmasters, developers, who need to increase there sales, traffic visitors, and increase there online business success. We have gained a reputation for integrity, quality, and affordable, which has been the key to our success on the internet. Our own traffic network, and partnerships with other sites have given us the edge over the so called competition. Our traffic network is formed from over 6.000 of the most highly visited sites on the internet, and you will be able to see many of the sites that is providing this traffic. We will show you many sites in our network where you can visit the site, and maybe see your ad being displayed!! Ask other traffic companies to show you some of their sites in their network, and you will get the usual response, (We can't because of privacy reasons),

          Traffic is our core business, we just about sleep, eat, & produce traffic visitors for our clients, and traffic resellers. We develop new sites to add to our growing network, which produces more traffic visitors. We are always looking for new, better, and improved ways to provide the best guaranteed traffic for our traffic resellers, developers, and hosting companies. We also have advertisers, & publishers who help us with providing the traffic visitors you will receive. Everything we do with our network is geared to producing more, and better traffic visitors, at a price you can afford!! We also provide great tech support by either telephone, email, or live support if we are live online. We want to help grow your business, or your clients business, and we provide many services that will help you in one way or another.


          Dedicated, Courteous, Knowledgeable!
          We have a dedicated work team that will answer all your questions and get you the support that you need. We are dedicated to providing you with the best support. We support all of our services, and products, and are very knowledgeable about them, and we want to help you in anyway that we can to either answer your questions, & get you the support that you need, call us at Tel# 727-772-8462
          Marketing Manager/Part Owner & Telephone Rep: Mr. Rizzo has been with the company since it started way back in 1997. We started buying domain names back when the domain craze first started. We started our first traffic site in April 1999, and have been growing at a very steady pace. We take a personal approach with working with our clients.

          In most cases, Mr Rizzo will answer the phone to answer any questions that you might have. He is not just the traffic man, but support tech, and telephone sales rep, he is very courteous, knows the traffic, and the domain business inside/out. We have a dedicated team that keeps the business running very smooth so that our clients, and resellers are always happy with the services that we provide. We want to be your first, and last stop when it comes to providing the traffic services that you are looking for. Any questions that you might have about our services, don't hesitate to call us at 727-772-8462

          Just A Few Sites In Our Network, See Many More Sites Where Your Ad Could Appear On. Get The Details Here

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          TEL# 727-772-8462

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